Orthotics & Custom Bracing

We all have individual needs and requirements when it comes to orthotics and bracing. Let us take the time to evaluate and recommend what is best for your condition or concerns.


custom orthotics

From plantar fasciitis to shin splints, bunions to metatarsalgia, Footmaxx orthotics help correct a number of common foot and lower limb problems to relieve pain and improve your quality of life. Your healthcare provider can determine which Footmaxx product is right for you, based on your condition, history and a thorough examination.

Donjoy Prescriptive bracing

From custom knee bracing to ankle bracing, and from shoulder stabilization to wrist support. We only use the best products on the market to help you continue to meet your goals.


bauerfeind bracing

With our medical aids we help people regain their mobility and wellbeing. We demand high-quality products: Braces, orthoses, medical compression stockings and orthopedic orthoses from Bauerfeind